Why You Should Buy Magnetic Mesh Screen

Why You Should Buy Magnetic Mesh Screen

Why You Should Buy Magnetic Mesh Screen

Magnetic Mesh Screen which is also know as magnetic screen door is an Ultimate Solution To The Really Troublesome Insects comes in handy during any month when insects and bugs are really troublesome. They are far better than other alternatives like the insecticides and scented candles. In light of this, we are glad to introduce you to these screens as an ultimate solution to this pest menace.

Owing to their superb performances, these screens are highly sorted. They are also simpler to use, have awesome designs, and very durable. Because of these, they are outstanding and greatly preferred in the market.

We customize all our screens to fit the unique sizes of your window frames. This is because our screens can be cut with minimal efforts. We also measure them to see to it that they fit the sizes of the window frames they are designed to cover.

This is not to mention that we avail them ready for installation at any given time. Doing so is really simple. You just have to cut the frame, assemble the magnetic screen and then clip it onto the magnetic strip to line your frame.

With these magnetic mesh screen, you do not have to waste your time and cash. You do not have to buy expensive fly sprays and zappers at all. Moreover, the screens are more effective in the tasks of warding off these insects compared to the items aforementioned.

This effectiveness and simplicity have subsequently made the magnetic mesh screens the more outstanding solutions. These stem from the fact that you may utilize them without much struggle. They also do not demand too much effort to maintain. This is especially when compared to the other similar items on the market.

These screens do not just act as deterrents to insects. They also serve as ventilation into the house by reason of allowing in the unlimited flow of fresh air into the home. Lastly, they are also cost-effective. This is because they keep off insects from the home without necessarily compromising the quality of ambient air.

As stated previously, windows differ in size. They, therefore, require customized screens that can fit seamlessly in those unique window sizes. We are well aware of this fact. This is why we provide screens that are tailored to these unique window sizes.

The Unique Benefits Of The Magnetic Mesh Screen

Easier To Install And Uninstall

Unlike most other gadgets of their kinds, you will not require a screw and holes to fix the magnetic mesh screen at all. This spares you from the likelihood of interfering with the paint or plaster of the walls of your house. What’s more? You can easily mount it on stone and metallic structures without much struggle.

Apart from being simple to install, these screens are also easier to remove or uninstall. This is to mean that you will find them easier to bring down and keep safe in times of winter when they are not in use. They also do not deteriorate in quality when stored and are hence very reliable.

Cost Effective DIY Solution

Magnetic fly screens are cost effective DIY solution, they allow an insect free house without compromising fresh air. In many homes window sizes differ; therefore need customized insect screens.

All of our screens can be easily individually sized for your window frame. The screen can be easily cut to measure by the home owner and ready to install. After cutting the frame, you can simply assemble the magnetic screen and clip onto the magnetic strip which is used to line your window.

Corner handles on the screen make the newly installed screen easy to clean, and remove whilst interlocking clips hold the insect screen securely in place. Also, fly screen mesh easily replaceable.

The magnetic strip which comes in each pack, can be attached to aluminium, timber and PVC window frames. We provide free delivery worldwide.

All screens come with a lifetime magnet replacement guarantee.

Simpler To Clean

You will generally find these items simpler to clean. You only require normal water and a sponge to do the job. They also require no special apparatus or piece of equipment to operate.

Safer and Long-Lasting

Given that they require no special apparatus to service as stated, they are safer and long-lasting. They are also crafted by means of simple body parts, unlike their competing equipment. They hardly sustain any damages and are subsequently safer for your pets and kids. Moreover, they also pose minimal exposures to accidents.

Family-Friendly, Pocket-Friendly

Over and above lasting long, they are also friendly to the family as they may be conveniently used by just about any member of the family.

Lastly, magnetic screens are pocket-friendly. This means they are cheaper and affordable. They are very effective in discharging their duties and hence bring in more benefits but slightly lower costs.


On the whole, magnetic mesh screens confer the only reliable solutions which are well within your budgets. They also play a crucial role in preventing irritating insects like bugs in the summer months.

Given also that they confer great relaxation benefits and also shield households effectively, they have proven to by and large be very reliable. Moreover, they have also evolved to be the pace-setters in the innovation and improvements of newer products in the field of the eradication of pests.


The Best DIY Insect Screens

Magnetic Mesh Screen guarantee only the best quality products go into the custom manufacture of our DIY magnetic mesh screen. Create a hygienic and insect free environment with magnetic insect screens that are a high quality, great looking, flexible and highly durable.

Magnetic Insect Screens is a manufacturer selling online direct to the public so you can buy and save on all types of fly screens. Come visit our website and find out an array of mesh screens that suits your needs and budget!

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