DIY Magnetic Screen Door

DIY Magnetic Screen Door

DIY Magnetic Screen Door



Screen doors make it simple to leave the door open while keeping the bugs out. What if you have pets, though? Overexcited canines can tear through the mesh of screen doors without waiting for someone to unlock them first. Rather than having your screen door changed on a regular basis, use magnets to fasten the screen down the centre. When a dog runs through the screen, the magnets will pull apart just long enough for the dog to pass through, then reattach, keeping the screen together without causing any damage. How to make one is as follows:

Materials Needed:

  • 2 large, rectangular pieces of mesh
  • About 4 dozen strong disc magnets
  • Sewing supplies



  1. First, take a measurement of the door frame. Cut the two mesh pieces to fit within the door with 4" to spare on each side. On their own, both pieces should fill one-half of the doorway.

  2. Along the inside of the two mesh flaps, sew the magnets into the mesh fabric. The magnets should be evenly spaced throughout the inside of both mesh pieces. Check that the magnets on one component correspond to the magnets on the other. Make sure you sew a seam on all sides of the magnets when sewing them into the mesh. To keep the magnet from shifting or falling out, make a pocket in the mesh cloth.

  3. You can hang the two parts of the mesh screen at your doorway once the magnets are sewed into the mesh. To keep it from coming free, secure it to the door frame on both sides.



You now have a working screen door that will not rip if you or your pet go through it. The magnets that connect the mesh screen door down the centre will break apart if pushed hard enough, allowing someone to pass through. The magnets will then attract and rejoin themselves! The amount of magnets you need for this DIY project is determined by the size of your doorway and the distance between them. You should also get powerful magnets that a person or a dog can easily detach. Please contact us if you have any inquiries about rare earth magnets or where to acquire them.


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